Type Value
Max.Value  ??
Durability  ??
Reload Time  ??
Fire Time  ??
Range  ??
Using NATO Cartridge
Decay  ??
Warning at  ?? / ??
Broke at  ?? / ??
Ammo Cost  ??
Max Ammo in Magazine  ??
Total Damage Min/Max  ??
Impact  ??
Penetration  ??
Recyclable yes
Lootable yes
Craftable  ??
Version VU 0.5.1

Adj M16A1

Adj M16A1

Additional InformationEdit

The Adjusted M16A1 is a rarely found modification of the original M16A1 design. Using high-grade alloys for low weight components this rifle delivers an increased rate of fire, range and damage output. Anyone carrying this rifle is either part of, or closely related to the van Gyn family.

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