Drone maturities
Type Health Damage Dmg Type Range Speed Aggro Regen
Worker  ??  ?? ?? 5m slow medium slow
Soldier  ??  ?? ?? 5m slow medium slow
Warrior  ??  ?? ?? 5m slow medium slow
Leader  ??  ?? ?? 5m slow medium slow
Commander  ??  ?? ?? ?? fast high medium


Comsumables - NATO Cartridge, ACP Cartridge, Prototype X Cartridge, Basic Bandage Pack, Energy Cells, GanjaCocaine

Resources - Coal StoneCopper StoneIron StoneLead Stone

Components - NATO Shell, ACP Shell, ACP Bullet, NATO Bullet, Screw Iron, Mace Steel Xandle, Basic Healkit Box, Basic Healkit Lid, Spiff, Capacitor, Steel Plating, CPU, Mace Titanium Xandle, UGM Depth Bomb Shell

Equipment - Basic HealkitMace SteelM16A1M1911

Gear - Black Sweater, Yellow Sweater, Blue Pants, Yellow Shoes, Blue Boots


North of Zion, PvP

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