Weapons Edit

Rifles Edit

Name Icon
M16A1 M16A1
Adj M16A1 Adj M16A1
Prototype X Prototype X
Adj Prototype X Adj Prototype X

Pistols Edit

Name Icon
M1911 M1911
Adj M1911 Adj M1911

Prototype S

Adj Prototype S

Maces Edit

Name Icon
Mace Steel Mace Steel
Mace Titanium Mace Titanium

Mining items Edit

Finders Edit

Name Icon
Woosh PRD101          
Woosh PRD101

Extractors Edit

Name Icon

Woosh PRE101       
Woosh pre101

Others Edit

Healkits Edit

Name Icon
Basic Healkit Basic Healkit
Adjusted Healkit Basic Healkit

Boosters Edit

Name Icon
Ganja Ganja
Cocaine Cocaine

Cloths Edit

Pants Edit

Sweaters Edit

Name Icon
White Sweater White Sweater

Shoes Edit

Hats Edit

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