Miner maturities
Type Health Damage Dmg Type Range Speed Aggro Regen
AB_Miner_101  ??  ?? ?? 5m slow medium slow
AB_Miner_102  ??  ?? ?? 5m slow medium slow
AB_Miner_103  ??  ?? ?? 5m slow medium slow


Comsumables - NATO Cartridge, ACP Cartridge, Prototype X Cartridge, Basic Bandage Pack, Energy Cells, GanjaCocaine

Resources - Coal StoneCopper StoneIron StoneLead Stone, Nitrate Stone, Titanium Stone, Gold Stone, Silver Stone

Components - NATO Shell, ACP Shell, ACP Bullet, NATO Bullet, Screw Iron, Mace Steel Xandle, Spiff, Capacitor, Steel Plating, UGM Depth Bomb Shell

Equipment - Basic Healkit

Gear - Black Sweater, Yellow Sweater, Blue Pants, Yellow Shoes, Blue Boots, Black Pants


North, Weast of Zion, PvP

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