Mutant Spider
Type Health Damage Dmg Type Range Speed Aggro Regen
Young  ??  ?? cut stab 5m slow medium slow
Mature  ??  ?? cut stab 5m slow medium slow
Old  ??  ?? cut stab 5m slow medium slow
Soldier  ??  ?? cut stab 5m slow medium slow
Warrior  ??  ?? cut stab 5m slow medium slow
Queen  ??  ?? cut stab 5m fast high medium


Comsumables - NATO Cartridge, ACP Cartridge, Prototype X Cartridge, Basic Bandage Pack , Ganja, Cocaine

Raw Materials - Hemp Plant, Wood Log

Components - NATO Shell, ACP Shell, Rifle shell, ACP Bullet, NATO Bullet, Uranium238 9mm Bullet, Uranium238 12mm Bullet, Screw Iron, M16A1 Magazine, M16A1 Barrel, Mace Steel Hilt, Mace Steel Handle, Mace Titanium Hilt, Basic Healkit Box, Basic Healkit Lid, M1911 Adjusted Magazine, M1911 Adjusted Grip, M16A2 Adjusted Chamber, M16A2 Adjusted Stock

Equipment - Basic Healkit, Mace Steel, Mace Titanium, M16A1, Adj M16A1, M1911, Adj M1911, Prototype X, Adj Prototype X

Gear - Black Sweater, Green Tank Pants, Yellow Shoes, Black Boots


South of Babylon


A small green Mutant Spider

Mutant Spider

A large orange Mutant Spider

OBCity 2012-12-27 23-31-32-29

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